Guideline to Elite Kingdom's R.O.S.E. Online [made by noobs, for noobs like alike]

[Job Quest] Hawker > Raider/Scout

Why Did Toddy Steal the Jewels?

  • Starting NPC: Mina in Zant.
  • Level requirement: 20+
  • Reward: Katar or Bow or Zulie.


  1. Talk to Mina in Zant to begin quest.
  2. Go to Breezy Hill, talk to Mile about Toddy.
  3. Kill Dalpings in Breezy Hill and find 10 of Mina’s Rubies.
  4. Return to Mina, talk to him for next part of the quest.
  5. Kill Beetles in El Verloon Desert and find 7 Crystal Necklaces.
  6. Return to Mina for reward.

The Essence of Speed

  • Starting NPC: Carrion in Zant.
  • Level requirement: 30+
  • Reward: White Wing Bow+3/Rake Katar+3 and Pierced Necklace (+3 attack accuracy)


  1. Talk to Carrion.
  2. Go to Aqua Warriors in Anima Lake (I did this at level 37, so it might be different depending on the level for someone else).
  3. Kill them in 20 minutes.
  4. Return to Carrion for rewards.

Hawker Advanced Class Quest

  • Starting NPC: Darren in Junon Polis.
  • Level requirement: 100+
  • Reward: Becoming a Scout or Raider


  1. Talk to Darren in Junon Polis.
  2. Talk to Saki the Armors NPC in Junon Polis.

Receive the quest from Saki, called Kirnale’s Journals.

Kirnale’s Journals
Upon inquiring about the Second Job, Saki told you of Kirnale, the legendary explorer and inventor in the same time. After hearing of Kirnale’s exploits, you wanted to see the long lost Portable Sundial and Kirnale’s Compass for yourself. There’s a good chance that the Supreme Krawfy King in Kenji Beach may have these items…

Obtain 2 items from the Supreme Krawfy King:

  • Kirnale’s Compass
  • Portable Sundial

Return to Saki, then move to Jones near the dock.

Give the Kirnale’s Compass and Portable Sundial to Jones. Start the hunt on Supreme Goblin Warriors in the 2nd level of the Goblin Cave!


  • 5 volumes of Kirnale’s Journal.

Return to Jones and give the 5 volumes to him.

Off to Zant for Sharlin!

Sharlin talks about romance and gives you the information to complete your next task.

Visit the Supreme Stone Golems in the Gorge of Silence to obtain the Phoenix Writing Quill.


  • Phoenix Writing Quill

Return to Sharlin, and give her the Phoenix Writing Quill. Upon receiving the Quill, she will give you your recommendation! Now you only need to bring that recommendation to Darren in Junon Polis and choose your job!


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